Developed Specifically for Canine Hoopers Shows

· Easy to assemble and set up

· Highly visible Remote Display screen

· One or Two Timer-Gate set up

· Single or Multiple Dog Timing

· Caters for all Dog Sizes without Adjustment

· Reverse Course Switch

· Memory stores 20 Run Times

· 45 Channels across 3 Frequencies 

· Rechargeable Batteries Last up to 12 Hours

· 30 Day Refund Guarantee & 12 Months Warranty

About Us

Do you need accurate, reliable timers for Hoopers Shows? 

Read how the PAWS Canine Hoopers Timer System was developed...

Jodie and I are Advanced Instructors accredited by Canine Hoopers UK and host the Super Hoopers events in the South. We needed accurate timers for the shows, so Jodie started researching timers, to find ones that were suitable. But we felt the timers available, that are normally used for Dog Agility Shows, did not work well for Hoopers.

Jodie contacted the developer behind the Pole Agility Winning Systems (PAWS) and asked if he would develop a timer set to our specification. And he agreed.

We used the prototype he developed for the first time at our Super Hoopers show in March 2020. Although they were easy to use, we did have a few teething problems.

So I went back to the developer and explained what had happened and discovered we hadn’t actually set them up properly (that was our learning curve)!

We wanted more features so they would be ideal for any Hoopers Show, catering for all dog sizes and making timing runs at a show as easy as possible for the organisers. And our developer was happy to take on board our suggestions. 

After 3 months of to-ing and fro-ing and lots of testing we now have a set of timers specifically geared for Hoopers Shows with a host of features, some of which we did not find on other timer systems.

And, to make sure everyone gets the greatest benefit, I’ve written up an extensive user guide to accompany each set sold.

Since then our timers have been fully tested and endorsed by Canine Hoopers UK.

We hope you enjoy using the PAWS Canine Hoopers Timer System as much as we do.

Kind Regards

Carol Bentley & Jodie Darvill

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